byte = 0xFF |

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Hallo, im Buch "Java ist eine Insel" wird in einem Beispiel zum Dateien kopieren ein Byte-Array angelegt. Warum wird dort für die Anzahl der zu erzeugenden Elemente keine "normale" Zahl, sondern die hex-Schreibweise 0xFFFF angegeben und warum außgerechnet diese Anzahl? byte[] buffer =... 0xff and 0xffffff symbols. 0xff represents the hexadecimal value FF which is equal to the integer 255. Its binary representation is: 00000000 00000000 00000000 11111111 Similarly 0xffffff is represented by: 00000000 11111111 11111111 11111111 It corresponds to the color white (red, green and blue equal to 255). & operator. The binary operator and "&" is applied on two integers i1 and i2 (i1 What is 0XFFFF to decimal? How to convert 0XFFFF to decimal. What is 0XFFFF in decimal? (0XFFFF hex to decimal or FFFF hex to decimal) In a nutshell, “& 0xff” effectively masks the variable so it leaves only the value in the last 8 bits, and ignores all the rest of the bits. It’s seen most in cases like when trying to transform color values from a special format to standard RGB values (which is 8 bits long). The byte1 & 0xff ensures that only the 8 least significant bits of byte1 can be non-zero. if byte1 is already an unsigned type that has only 8 bits (e.g., char in some cases, or unsigned char in most) it won't make any difference/is completely unnecessary. If byte1 is a type that's signed or has more than 8 bits (e.g., short, int, long), and any of the bits except the 8 least significant is

[index] [3251] [3159] [6669] [8511] [11961] [14958] [5691] [14976] [11985] [199]

كورس اسلام سيكولوجية الشموع الجزء 5 - YouTube

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